Vinotherapy treatments from the world of vine and grape, where the olfactory dimension envelops the senses!

Olfactory and luxuriant treatments where the fragrance tells a story and awakens memories hidden deep within our mind.

Perfumery and gastronomy become rituals of happiness in which emotion and refinement go hand in hand, like a work of art.

Treatments are staged with gestures according to ancestral techniques to give them a vital meaning and accompany the body and soul in their well-being.




Rosa Vinifera®

Beauty ritual based on Rose and Grape.

The vine and the rose have always been closely linked in vineyards. Indeed, a rosebush is planted at the bottom of each row of vines as a health indicator: the rose reacts to vine illnesses before vines are affected.

Based in the heart of vine region, Rose & Pepper® drew inspiration from the land and its traditions to create a range of products containing Rose and Grape, evocatively named Rosa Vinifera®.

Grape is now famous for its properties and benefits in cosmetics. Grape polyphenols, extraordinary molecules with antioxidant power, remarkably protect the skin against free radicals responsible for skin ageing. They immerse the skin in a beneficial and rejuvenating world to make it look more beautiful than ever.   

Rose, the symbol of beauty and source of inspiration for renowned perfumers, diffuses a sometimes sugary, sometimes honeyed and peppery aroma.

Women have always used the queen of flowers for its softening, regenerating and repairing properties, which embellish young or mature delicate skins.

Terra Vinifera®

The vine is the fruit of the earth. The aromas of the vine come from this earth.

The nature of the soil determines the various vintages. It gives them their flavours, by turns fruity or spicy and mineral. The richness of this land and its history inspired Rose & Pepper to create a new beauty ritual called Terra Vinifera® .

Grape is now famous for its properties and benefits in cosmetics. Grape polyphenols, extraordinary molecules with antioxidant power, remarkably protect the skin against free radicals responsible for skin ageing. They immerse the skin in a beneficial and rejuvenating world to make it look more beautiful than ever.

The soil is the land. To obtain an exceptional wine, the ideal land must contain silica, limestone and clay, although some varieties have their own preferences…

These benefits are also found in cosmetics. Silica, a real cellular replenishing agent, and regenerating and purifying clay are the ingredients of an exceptional skincare.

Vine Flower fragrance, like an earthy breeze rushing through vineyards and hillsides, infused with flowers and fruits, Terra Vinifera® plunges you in a harmony of scents with deep accords and noble, authentic tones. 




Flora Voluptera ®

Intense pleasure and a tender moment of relaxation with ylang-ylang and jasmine flowers.

Ylang-ylang, also known as the perfume tree, is a small tropical tree native to the Far East. The petals of its deep yellow flowers give off an unforgettable, floral, sensual and heady fragrance.

In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are strewn on the beds of young couples on their wedding nights. Ylang-ylang actually soothes away tension and creates a kind of insouciance that awakens the senses.

Jasmine’s small white flowers inspire purity, with an unforgettable fragrance that is sweet and penetrating. The paradox of Jasmine resides in the innocence of its appearance and the pervasive presence of its fragrance.

There is a kind of cosmic joy in sensuality.

Jean Giono

Neroli Nobilis ®

In the shadow of the Orange blossom trees

An invaluable treatment for soothing the body and awakening the nobility of the soul!

The term “neroli” stems from the Italian Duchesse Orsini, known as the “Princess of Neroli”, who used this flower as her perfume.

Its fragrance, familiar from our early childhood in the cakes baked by our grandmothers, is so sweet and floral that it is used in the composition of numerous perfumes.

In aromatherapy, it is recognised for its soothing and balancing powers!

4- Neroli nobilis

Citrus Paradisi ©


A zest of well-being!

How can you resist the freshness of lime and mandarin?

Lime provides energy and enhances the skin while mandarin calms and soothes.

Nature is a paradise where happiness is simple!

Lavandula Vera ©

The flower of Provence and ambassador for the history of French perfumery, Lavender offers unlimited peace and serenity, creating a feeling of deep comfort.

Lavender is a faithful companion on walks through the landscapes of Marcel Pagnol. The symbol of a relaxed pace of life and purity, it takes us out of our everyday lives, allowing us to experience a timeless moment.

Simple and discreet, it works gently, but it is in the silence of intimacy that it reveals its great powers.

A flower that deserves to be rediscovered, absolutely!




Journey in Pondichéry©

… if epicureans were invited to a spa ?

The story of spices is an epic adventure!

The garam masala treatment takes you on an incredible journey, where the colours and fragrances truly awaken the senses.

What could be more intoxicating than freshly squeezed ginger root juice?

Tangy and spicy, almost floral, its fragrance suggests pleasure in harmony with the other spices.

As for cinnamon, it warms the heart!

A sensation of both heat and energy!

Tropical Adventure©

An adventure characterised by the exotic: fruit and Tiare flower

The Tiare flower, the flower of happiness, inevitably calls to mind the works of Gauguin. Its soft and sweet fragrance fills the space and leaves a memorable trace: the unbearable lightness of being… scented!

A journey within your reach!

She had a flower behind her ear, which was listening to her fragrance. Gauguin

woman lounging in bamboo chair at the beach in the caribbean
coconut on the leaf


A delicious break with Coconut !

Hindus consider Coconut the purest of form of offering to the gods, as it contains unadulterated water, untouched by human hand.

Its composition represents the three aspects of man:

  • The hard shell represents the physical aspect,
  • The entangled fibres, with which it is covered, represent the complexity of the human being,
  • The white flesh represents the psychological aspect, as well as the purity of the soul.

Let yourself be carried away to this world and enjoy a moment of pure gentleness.



Aromatherapy massage

Massage oils with essential oils are designed to target a specific action inducing an amazing result. Each formula is differentiated by a specific synergy that acts according to the needs. That’s why we’re talking about smart molecules at your fingertips!

Ayurvedic massage

The Sanskrit word Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” (Veda, knowledge, Ayur, life). This traditional Energetic Medicine of India goes back more than 5000 years and is based on the idea that the universal energy gives life to everything, from the sun to the human cells. It considers the body as a microcosm, governed by complex external and internal energies. One of the major aspects of this discipline is the profound knowledge of the relationship between the body, the soul and the mind in relation to health and illness.

Rose & Pepper has developed a range of massage oils adapted to different doshas.

Other massages


Massage oils, the essential companions of massage, our specialty!

Multiple fragrances for an olfactory and luxuriant massage.

Sensory massage with candles, honey or botanical tampons … Innovative and evolving textures …

Do not hesitate to contact us for a specific development.