Our History

Rose & Pepper® is a French brand, independent, born of a passion: Essential Oils.

Nature is part of the DNA of the brand and its creator: 30 years of experience in phyto-aromatherapy and cosmetology.

After several years in France and abroad and after having experienced the benefits of essential oils for health, it became obvious to make the world benefit from the cosmetics of these intelligent and olfactory materials!

The art of living in France has proved to be the mode of expression of this beautiful story.

The skin, mirror of being, opens its doors to welcome these treasures …


“I believe that Nature offers us ingredients that reflect an extraordinary and beneficial intelligence for the body and the soul.

That’s why I wanted to put this “aromatic genius of plants” within the reach of all by offering high-performance products in harmony with Nature.

This living and vibrant cosmetic touches us deeply, and allows us to find our true essence.

These ingredients are our best allies and their behavior within formulas inspires admiration and respect.

The French way of life inspired the staging of rituals and treatments for a refined and chic atmosphere. ”


Nathalie Jacquet

Creator of the brand


Our Values


The rigor is the key to succeed the bet of a natural cosmetics that is also stable, glamorous and powerful.


Always seek the best, never make concessions.


Go to meet our customers to serve their needs, their expectations.


Listen, understand and find the link between the needs of our customers and our offer.

Dignity and respect

At the heart of treatment, a woman, a man, a person who offers his confidence for a beauty / well-being experience. Dignity has invited itself in this beauty / well-being experience to live an exceptional moment, where the being can fully relax with serenity.

Our Active Ingredients

The power of nature in its pure state!

The alchemy of essential and botanical oils.

Their specificity: a true affinity with the skin allowing a perfect alliance between ingredients and care.

Their effectiveness: fundamental studies prove their effectiveness and position them among the greatest ingredients of cosmetics.

The art of synergy expresses the aromatic genius of plants that man has not yet been able to reproduce.

Finally, this quintessence of the plant, a real concentrate of active ingredients that expresses an olfactory dimension whose influence on emotions is no longer to be proven.

The Vinothérapy active ingredients are from our terroir; based in the South of Burgundy, Rose & Pepper uses extracts of Chardonnay, grape seeds and grape pulp as well as the grape soil of our region.

Rose & Pepper is surrounded by the best specialists to guarantee the irreproachable quality of its products.

• paraben free

• silicon free

• mineral oil free

• without animal raw material

• colouring free

• not tested on animals

The essential oils are 100% pure & natural and chemotyped.